What we repair

We repair Mac from Apple as well as any PCcomputers.

Customer Mcbinformatique

Or for a residential need for SMEs, Mcbinformatique can help you in several ways, both by its availability, its sense of unparalleled organization which can, in all cases, help you do optimization complete all your computer equipment. We are specialized since the inception of our company in the home repair; We now offer a service in the workshop, which greatly reduces the invoice since shop it is a fixed rate, not an hourly rate.


That remote, or workshop in your home, the service of our qualified technicians will seduce you by its speed, its fluidity as well as by its satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians will be attentive to all your needs, they can even suggest various solutions that you don't know even today. We are your resource to help you and accompany you so that a computer is more than just a simple box any.


  • Repair of products Apple and PC
  • Remote support
  • Virus removal online
  • Remote backup
  • Graphic services